Saturday, January 15, 2011

This Week in Links

I just tweeted:

And I think I will. I know I get so bogged down in classwork that I forget about my Google Reader for weeks at a time. Trying to go through all of those posts is a daunting task. And figuring out what I'm going to read all the way through is even more daunting (this is why titles are important).
What I think I'll try to do every so often is share (and catalogue) the links that I find interesting or useful. I did this once before, but I know I need to get into the swing of semester schedule. Routine is helpful.  So here we go.

Awesome Stories
I've used this site before, but forgot about it. It's a great place for primary sources for all sorts of subjects. In the past, I've used it for history type lessons, but there's so much more information that just that which is related to history. Awesome stories also offers videos and still images. And as far as I've been able to tell, it's all free.

One Word
I've seen this one before too, and it's another that I've forgotten about. On The Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness, Michael Zimmer offers a few uses for this website.  Check out his post on One Word here.
Zimmer has also created some content specific posts with resources. I'm going to post here a link to his English/Language Arts resources, that way I don't have to pick and choose the links I'd like to include here. Oh, and Zimmer, thanks for being awesome. is an alternative to Wallwisher and Stixy. Of the three, Stixy is the most versatile, but I think is the most user friendly, especially when using with students who are luddites when it comes to technology used for education.

The last link I want to leave you with is one to the blog The Concrete Classroom.  Here, the author talks about our "Digital Natives," but with an interesting analogy. It's a short read, so take a look.
I have now cleaned out my Google Reader for this week. *whew.* Now on to finish the reading that I'm trying to get done.

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