Sunday, January 23, 2011

This Week in Links 1/23/11

This one isn't a link, but an iPad app that has recently been updated to include some pretty cool features. During my semester, I usually have a hard time keeping up with my Google Reader. There are so many blogs that I follow that I end up deleting exponentially more than I actually read. Because Flipboarrd now links with my reader, I can read blogs during the week when I'm waiting for other things to happen, which means I miss fewer posts.

Webpage Highlighters:
I came upon these because I have to read a book online this week for class. I wanted to be able to annotate without having to write everything down first. Markkit and Awesome Highlighter are two ways  to do just that. Markkit works with Chrome, Safari and Firefox. For both applications, each highlighted webpage is given its own URL so it can be shared or accessed from other computers.

Awesome Highlighter works within any browser if you only want to highlight that single page. They also have a bookmarklet that works solely with Firefox. Awesome Highlighter has an additional feature: the ability to add notes to a page.

I tried them both and didn't have fantastic luck. Then again, I didn't spend a lot of time with either program. I'm sure it also didn't help that the reading I was trying to do existed on more than one webpage.

Online Stickies
In my continued search for the ability to annotate webpages, I came across Lino It, which is not available to annotate websites, but is like an online cork board. It's similar to a few of the links I posted last week.

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