Monday, June 27, 2011

Word Map for Vocabulary

I'm attending the Model Schools Conference in Nashville, and before I forget, I wanted to share some of the resources that I've gathered over the past two days. Some of these resources come from other educators, and some come from presenters. I'm going to include some of these in resources on the pages at the (book) supplier, so you're more than welcome to take a look at them there, as well as other resources that I've compiled.

The first presenter I saw said that the first step to improving literacy at any school is improving vocabulary. Here's a graphic organizer that one of the ladies at my table says works well for her. She did say, though, that students have to do the steps in order otherwise it doesn't work.

  1. Word
  2. Synonyms
  3. Antonyms
  4. Define in kid friendly words (part of speech)
  5. Sentence in context (like from the text being studied)
  6. Image
  7. Original, student-composed, sentence.

Word Map

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