Friday, April 2, 2010

After Ever After

If you liked My Sister's Keeper, Rules, Marcelo in the Real World, Anything but Typical, or Al Capone Does My Shirts then you'll like After Ever After.

After Ever AfterJeff and Tad are cancer survivors, but the medication used to treat Jeff's leukemia has effected his brain. The state of New Jersey decided that anyone who cannot pass the English and math versions of the state test would be retained in the 8th (or 4th or 11th) grade. Jeff is terrified because he doesn't want to be held back a year due to something he can't help. So Jeff and Tad make a deal that will ensure that Jeff passes the state test and won't leave Tad alone in high school.

New Mexico has passed (last I heard) a law stating that if students dont' pass the 11th grade proficiency test, they can't graduate. Similar situation. Jeff's mom makes an important point about the correlation between test scores and grades - just because someone has a good grade in a class doesn't mean that students will score proficient on a standardized test. Did I mention that the New Mexico test is untimed? And it's supposed to be standardized? Anyone else see the problem?

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Sandra Stiles said...

Funny, untimed and standardized don't seem to belong in the same sentence.
I have seen this book and have it on my TBR list. Thanks for the review. Looking forward to it.