Thursday, May 28, 2009

ENGL 363 and Summer Plans

The Squire's Tale by is the first of the novels I've read for my ENGL 363 course. First step on my way to an endorsement in Library Science.

What I'll try to do this summer (or at least for the first five weeks) is post here the responses I post to questions raised in my class. Additionally, I'll give comments on some of the things my classmates (no names, of course) discuss that I didn't previously think of.

Before I begin, however, I want to talk a little about novel. The Squire's Tale is the first in a series by the same name by Gerald Morris. This particular installment follows Terence, Sir Gawain's squire, on his adventurous search for his identity. Did I mention that I love Arthurian Legend?

Much like many stories based on legend, The Squire's Tale fits the archetype of the hero journey. It's common knowledge around here that I absolutely love the hero journey. It's a way of making a story make sense to those who need it laid out in a set of labels. I believe I began my discussion of the hero journey last summer when my Book Buddy suggested I read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series (the fifth of which I'll be talking about here in the near future).

So hooray! for the hero journey, and off we go.

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