Saturday, June 28, 2008

Love What You Read

Today, I StumbledUpon another possibly helpful website for those people who are struggling with what to read next. It's called Put in a book that you've recently read, review it, and the website will generate a list of books that you might like to read. Or, find the title of a book you've recently read, click on the recommendations button, and the website will generate a list of books that you might be interested in reading. Fairly neat concept, if you ask me. Interestingly, so I could see how it worked, I typed in The Chosen and it generated a list for me. Among those was Flowers for Algernon, which I highly recommend that anyone read. It's one of those heartbreaking books, like Where the Red Fern Grows. That was one of my favorite books as a kid. One that I probably won't read again any time soon since it made me cry. Same thing happened with Million Dollar Baby. I can't imagine seeing that film again, but god, if it wasn't powerful. I digress. Check out if you're looking for something to read.

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Iago de Otto said...

Whoah, StoryCode, very cool. I will be looking into this.

By the way, ELi, I am going back to the start of your other weblog, "One eighth grader at a time" to read my way through it and have already started to adhere a few other comments. I like your attitude and what you have to say. Definitely you are someone I am rooting for.