Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Everything Ember

I forgot this was in my header. I guess it's a good thing I look at my own page once in a while.

Since that header has changed, my book buddy and I have read the entire Ember series: City of Ember, People of Sparks and The Prophet of Yonwood. I have to tell you honestly, I loved the first book and the series, and the second all the way up to the end. I mean, hooray for Doon and recreating electricity, it was only a matter of time from the time he found that book on science experiments, but I wanted to know what happened next.

I understand, as a writer and a teacher of reading. The book ended with an air of hope. It made you want to go out and get the third one. Then it left you a little disappointed when you found out that the third was a prequel. Go, DuPrau, though for clearing up that notebook's red herring from the first book. I guess she had that all planned out from the start.

By the way, I forgot to mention that I have a book buddy. My book buddy is my 10 year old cousin. He and I read the same books and talk about them over the phone. It's pretty cool. I'm going to refer to him as The Man.

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